About Us


Michael Daniel has been professionally producing films for over 8 years, getting his start as a wedding cinematographer and organizing visually-stunning media packages for clients all over California. Michael's work as a producer has evolved and expanded into music video production, large-scale event recap coverage, commercial branding and documentary filmmaking. His eye for visual media is informed by an inherent talent for capturing the human experience. In 2017, Michael co-founded Swan Dive Media (www.swandive.media). Michael earned his degree in Marketing from San Jose State University in 2010. His passions include photography, skateboarding, the outdoors, culinary arts, and international travel.


Jordan Graham has been creating films for over half his life and it shows. Even as a high school student, his unique talents were used to entertain fellow students at school rallies. After high school, he worked on a variety of passion projects, gaining extensive knowledge and experience in the art of cinematography and video editing. Recently, his full feature horror film titled, "Sator," premiered at Fantasia Festival on July 22, 2019 and received amazing reviews.  In his free time, Jordan enjoys traveling, going to movies, walking his bull-dog, and spending time with family and friends.


Our Process

Our process begins the moment we meet our clients for the first time, often many months before the big wedding day. We then go over all the details for the event, make sure we have firm understanding of what our clients want, and then organize our filming schedule and shot lists. 

On the wedding day, we often start filming long before the ceremony begins. We like to work alongside the photographer and capture bridal prep at the same time, as well as film the bridal party and family during their photography session. Depending on the a venue's policy, our team launches a drone to assist in 4K aerial video shots of the event,  giving our films a beautiful and scenic aesthetic. We film all live moments using three to five professional cameras, utilizing a variety of film techniques that our team has perfected over a combined 20 years of experience. During the ceremony, we record audio using state of the art lapel microphones so the voices sound crisp and clear. After the ceremony, we film cocktail hour, the grand entrance, the toasts, the formal dances, the bouquet and garter toss, the dancing, and we concluded the night by capturing the grand send off.

Our post production process normally entails five full days of content processing, editing, color grading, audio balancing, and licensed sound track incorporation, resulting in a gorgeously stylized look back at our clients' weddings. We love helping people create these beautiful memories and are honored to be a part of their most special day.